Veterinary Refills and the Mobile App

The steps below require PK Software version or greater. If required, please contact PK Support at and request to update to the latest version of PK Software (note as of 1/31/19, the latest PK version is

Veterinary refills also require the date of birth (DOB) to be completed in order to submit a script to PK Software.

This can be problematic as exact animal birth dates are generally unknown.

To simplify animal scripts and to maintain HIPAA compliance, both the app and PK Software have been modified.

Mobile App & Animal Refills

When a new patient is added, the date of birth (DOB) field in the app always defaults to 1/1/2000 (unless modified by the patient/owner). If unchanged, 1/1/2000 will then be used as the DOB to validate the script with PK Software.

If the DOB for the pet also states 1/1/2000 in PK Software, then a script sent by the app will be entered into PK Software (assuming the rx number is valid).

PK Software & Animal Refills

A new option and a new patient utility have been added to PK Software to support a default DOB for veterinary refills.

On tab 7 in the system preferences, the user can select an option to enter a default DOB into a patient profile whenever the species does not contain the word ‘HUMAN.’ This option can be enabled or disabled using the checkbox. By default, the option will be disabled.

If you wish to use this process, then the Default DOB for non-HUMAN species should be set to a date and the option Enabled. Note, any default date can be chosen in PK Software, but 1/1/2000 is recommended because it is the same as the app default DOB.
PK Software

New Patient Profiles

If the Default DOB for non-HUMAN species option has been enabled, PK Software will check to see if the species does not contain ‘HUMAN’.
If it does not and the DOB is blank, the default DOB for non-HUMAN species will be entered i.e. 1/1/2000.

However, if the DOB had previously been entered, then it will not be over-written.

Existing Patient Profiles

To simplify the transition of existing patient profiles, a new patient utility has been set up. The new utility automatically updates any blank DOB fields with the value contained in the Default DOB for non-HUMAN species.

This tool can be found under: File -> Data file utilities -> Collection of utilities. Then, navigate to the Patient tab (tab A) and select ‘Set non-HUMAN species default date.’
PK Software

Once you run this utility, it will automatically update blank DOB to the value contained in Default DOB for non-HUMAN species for all non-HUMAN patient profiles.

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